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Dataro Fundraising Intelligence TM

Introducing the smarter business intelligence tool, built specifically for fundraisers

About Fundraising Intelligence TM

Fundraising IntelligenceTM is the new tool from Dataro, combining powerful insights and reports with industry benchmarking so you can visualise, monitor and grow your fundraising. We connect directly with your CRM and answer all the critical questions you have about your fundraising programs.

  • First 10 signups get the first month free PLUS Fundraising Intelligence coaching as part of our Pioneer Package!
  • Quick setup
  • Built for fundraisers
  • Specific program insights
  • CRM integrations
  • Combines reporting AND benchmarking
  • No data skills needed

Appeals Reporting

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Recurring Giving Reporting

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Management Reporting

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"Sometimes it's hard to know what to do with all the data you have. We've worked with fundraisers from across the sector to build reports that directly answer your most important questions." Tim Paris, Founder + CEO

Industry Benchmarking

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