Dataro Fundraising Benchmark Report 2023

Over 68 million donations from 117 organisations analysed to provide UK nonprofits with global fundraising trends, insights and benchmarks from 2022.

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Dataro Fundraising Benchmark Report 2023

About the report

Dataro's mission is to solve the big (and small) data problems facing nonprofits and help them build a better world through smarter fundraising.

The Dataro Fundraising Benchmark Report 2023 provides a view of fundraising in 2022, analysing global fundraising data, trends and benchmarks.

The aim of the report is to provide fundraising professionals with meaningful data and insights to benchmark their nonprofit's performance and identify opportunities for income growth in 2023.

The report analyses the fundraising data of 117 global nonprofits, covering 68 million donations, 7.2 million donors and 2.5 million monthly givers.

Readers can expect to learn how charities performed in 2022 across different sub-sectors and fundraising programs. Information is also included about the rising impact of digital giving, important recurring giving metrics and second gift rates.

We hope you find the insights helpful for your fundraising in 2023. Happy reading!